Love this! Such a good idea… ‘Free little library’ is a temporary outdoor shelving unit that acts as a free library for New Yorkers. The library was designed by Venezuelan design firm Stereotank as part of a collaboration with the Architectural League of New York and the Pen World Voices Festival who have selected 10 designers to build miniature free libraries in downtown Manhattan through September.


Katie Shelly has created a cookbook with a difference, instead of including step by step instructions, she has taken an innovative and I’m guessing quite time consuming approach that uses hand drawn illustrations to instruct the cook. Take a look at these…


I love Chip Kidd! For those of you who have not had the pleasure, Chip Kidd is one of the most prolific book cover designers in American design. A couple of years back, I was fortunate enough to sit in a jam packed auditorium as Chip took us through a wonderfully entertaining lecture that left you wanting more.

When I got home I realised that my bookshelves were sprinkled with his work, and since then I’ve been following his work and also reading his beautifully written and witty books; ‘The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel In Two Semesters’, which is a humorous coming-of-age tale about an art school student named Happy, and the sequel ‘The Learners’ which takes us into Happys world again as he ventures into the workforce of design in pre-computer days.

So here is an interview featuring the multi-talented Kidd!

And if you still want more listen to this interview of Chip with Debbie Millman She also has a chapter in her book ‘How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer’


I’d been looking forward to reading Debbie Millman’s book, since I discovered its existence a few weeks ago. I’ve been a fan of her podcasts for a while now and after a week from hell (and yes its only tuesday!) the Amazon smiley face greeting me on my doorstep was a heavenly sign!

I didn’t have the strength to put it on my ‘to read pile’ so I interrupted my current read ‘Geek Love’ and actually started reading it whilst eating my dinner. Luckily Bruce had his head in his ipad so he didn’t think I was a being anti social for the evening.

The book is mostly handwritten in lots of different writing styles, there’s even a bit of black work stitching in there! but aesthetics aside it’s a wonderful read. Debbie’s thoughts on how branding has shaped her upbringing and experiences are insightful, honest, deep and simply ‘real’, at times I almost felt as though the sentences were coming out of my head and appearing on the pages. So many bits and pieces that float throughout the book are thoughts that have often floated around my head.

The only negative thing that I have to say about the book is that the stock seems inappropriate. Somehow the shiny pages inside don’t quite go with the tactility of the words. It would have been a slightly better reading experience if the stock felt like paper. A slight grain and no sheen. The sheen of the pages kept reflecting in my eyes. I know I’m being a little overly-critical but I can’t help it, it’s the designer in me!


Oliver Jeffers has popped up in my blog posts more than once before. I’d have to say that he is my favourite, or at least in my top 3 list. The awesome illustrator and creator of children’s books is now featured in this video wearing a quirky mo (i only hope it was filmed in movember!), check it out…

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