I’ve been a great admirer of Marian Bantjes’ beautiful typographic work for some time now. So I was delighted to stumble across this TED Talk that she presented back in 2010. How I missed it I don’t know! but I’m glad I did so that I could be reminded of the beauty of her work which often relies on the hand-made, experimentation, the intricate details, the labour of love and spending ‘real’ time on design. A factor which we designers often do not have the luxury to exercise, because as we all know time is money and budgets are often tight!



I love Chip Kidd! For those of you who have not had the pleasure, Chip Kidd is one of the most prolific book cover designers in American design. A couple of years back, I was fortunate enough to sit in a jam packed auditorium as Chip took us through a wonderfully entertaining lecture that left you wanting more.

When I got home I realised that my bookshelves were sprinkled with his work, and since then I’ve been following his work and also reading his beautifully written and witty books; ‘The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel In Two Semesters’, which is a humorous coming-of-age tale about an art school student named Happy, and the sequel ‘The Learners’ which takes us into Happys world again as he ventures into the workforce of design in pre-computer days.

So here is an interview featuring the multi-talented Kidd!

And if you still want more listen to this interview of Chip with Debbie Millman She also has a chapter in her book ‘How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer’


I’m really liking the work of Mexican/Canadian Electronic artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. His work is a fusion of human interaction, architecture, shadows, surveillance cameras, robotics, technology and light that is mostly displayed in public spaces. He was recently in Melbourne showcasing ‘Solar Equation’ a piece that gathered the 11 year life cycle of the earth and captured it minutes and which could be controlled with the software on an iphone or ipad. Be sure to take a squizz at his videos and photos…



Just came across these visually delicious videos that depict sketches and doodles created in Moleskine Notebooks by a variety of designers, artists, illustrators and filmmakers. Great promo for Moleskine.

I like this one by Paula Scher as well. There are a stack of them just click on the related videos on the right.


The beautiful typography of Jessica Hische, who was amazingly enough on Triple J last week. My ears had to take a double take, when I heard that the breakfast crew were interviewing a type designer on a music station…unexpectedly weird but cool.

I still prefer Marian Bantjes work, but it’s right up there.



Australian artist Patricia Piccinni captures a surreal world in her sculptures in which humans interact with super realistic odd creatures that are a born in the depths of her imagination. I recently watched an interview about her in which she cleverly avoided answering the question that must be in every viewers mind…Where on earth do you get the ideas for these creatures?


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