In a time when people can carry computers in their pockets and watch TV while walking down the street, Typeface dares to explore the twilight of an analog craft that is freshly inspiring artists in a digital age. The Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin personifies cultural preservation, rural re-birth and the lineage of American graphic design. I have now added another item to my bucket list… to attend a woodtype workshop and learn the craft of hand set typographic printing.

Visit the website to view the documentary and watch the trailer below…


I’ve been a great admirer of Marian Bantjes’ beautiful typographic work for some time now. So I was delighted to stumble across this TED Talk that she presented back in 2010. How I missed it I don’t know! but I’m glad I did so that I could be reminded of the beauty of her work which often relies on the hand-made, experimentation, the intricate details, the labour of love and spending ‘real’ time on design. A factor which we designers often do not have the luxury to exercise, because as we all know time is money and budgets are often tight!



I’m really lovin Hungry Beast on the ABC. I particularly love the awesome typographic animations that always illustrate mega interesting facts. In this animation The Beast File looks at Australias Big Two supermarket chains. Woolworths & Coles are a $100 billion a year duopoly with a retail market share unmatched in the developed world. And they have their fingers in a lot of other pies too.

Meet Google. The noun that became a verb. The world’s favourite search engine, and the company whose motto is “Don’t be evil…” Graphics by Patrick Clair, written by Elmo Keep.

And this one… It’s gratifying to know that my hard earned tax dollars are going to good use…NOT!!!!!

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