“if you stuff yourself full of poems, essays, plays, stories, novels, films, comic strips, magazines, and music, you will automatically explode every morning like old faithful. I have never had a dry period in my life because I feed myself well.”
~Ray Bradburry


Seth Godin’s captures a pretty ballsy point that I’ve often thought about when I ask clients what their point of difference is. More often than not I hear the predictable list which I tactfully agree with. The interesting thing is that I’ve tried the ‘honest’ approach when describing my businesses point of difference and people don’t like to hear it. So much for being honest.

“If you tell me about service and quality and customer focus, you haven’t answered my question, because a hundred other brands stand for that. If you are what others are, then there’s nothing here to own or protect or build upon.

Compared to what? Compared to all those that you compete with for attention, for commerce, for donations and for employees, what do you stand for? Are you one of a kind or even one in a million?

Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton… they don’t actually stand for anything, do they? They can’t, because they stand for precisely the same thing. Puma vs. Adidas vs. Nike… They all want to stand for winning. How substantial are the differences?

Make a list of the differences and the extremes and start with that. A brand that stands for what all brands stand for stands for nothing much.”


We’re moving offices and have desk space available in a relaxed, gorgeous art deco style office overlooking Pitt Street in the city.
Desk and internet for $90/wk commencing end of August. Ideal for creative or marketing type, IA, content writer, developer or someone starting a business. Spread the word & let me know if you’re interested.


Just finished reading ‘The Werewolf of Paris’ by Guy Endore and old forgotten classic. Here are a couple of lovely literary morsels…

” There are mornings on which one wakes with the shreds of a dream cobwebbing the cogs of our daytime minds. One was asleep and in a different world. One was sunk in a different medium. Slowly one comes back to daylight and its world suddenly to make one conscious of a strangeness in our usual world, a strangeness that is so fleeing that no one has ever succeeded in analyzing it. But who is there who has not experienced it? ” PG60.



Long live the handicrafts!! and yet more hand made creations to start of the new year. Meredith Dittmar has some pretty amazing works created using polyurathane foam, fiberglass resin & polymer clay. Horray for FIMO!


Apparently Adobe has terminated approximately 8% of their workforce. Their excuse is directed at the global economic downturn as well as the slow demand of their software products.

Their first excuse I can accept however, poor demand on their products is a lame excuse specially when you try to see the value of their upgrades from a consumers point of view.

When I heard that CS4 was released I was slightly annoyed, given that I’d only less than 9 months ago purchased 3 copies of CS3 for the computers at work. I like to keep up to date so my instinct was to see what’s new and whether it was worth upgrading.
I couldn’t see any great value in features and I don’t actually think it’s worth the upgrade. Sure there are a few features that sound cool but when I weight up the money I have to spend on upgrading three computers and the value that the new features will add to our workflow the odds are stacked against upgrading. At least for me.

I think part of the problem is that they’re trying to get updates out into the market too often and when they do release a new version their marketing campaign doesn’t help designers understand the value of the new features in an effective manner that doesn’t take up too much of their time.

They need to take some tips of Apple!

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