The Indigenous Literacy Foundation aims to eradicate illiteracy in indigenous populations across Australia. I recently helped them create a campaign to encourage donations as well as social engagement.

My role was to conceptualise the campaign, create the visual design and write the copy.

The tag line ‘Get Caught Reading’ encourages people take a photo of themselves getting caught reading when they make a donation. It’s a fun campaign that involves book lovers of all ages to demonstrate their love of books and who want to make a difference in the lives of indigenous children in remote locations.

My goal was to make the donation process as simple as possible. With one click the donation and image upload is completed, the thank you screen gives people the opportunity to share their contribution with friends on Facebook and Twitter and a receipt is automatically emailed.

One of the issues that charities often face is the lack of transparency. I wanted people to see exactly how their donation would help, so we provided users with a breakdown of donations and outlined what each would achieve. For example $5 will buy a book for a child in a remote Indigenous community and $140 provides an early literacy kit to a child or family.

I also suggested that they use celebrity endorsements to help increase awareness of the campaign as well as encourage more participants to take part in a wonderful cause.

Click here to see the campaign…


Beautifully designed interface created for the National Geographic that depicts the many fascinating characteristics of the Blue whale. The weight and feeding habits section is really fascinating.



There’s a lot of bad design out there but once in a while you come across something that can really make you weep!

I was just doing some research for an upcoming book site that we are designing and I thought I’d check out the official website of Stephenie Meyer the author of the infamous Twilight series.

I stared in disbelief at the potential that was lacking on this site. Instead of a site that grabs you in by the eye balls into a supernatural world of vampires, romance and werewolves my eyes were assaulted by disgusting tones of teal/green, tabbed navigation and worst of all appalling readability online.

When I think of the potential that this site could have, to not just promote the book and author but to build upon the humungous community and cult following that has followed this series. It makes me want to slap the person who created this hideous website. For Gods sake it’s not like they wouldn’t have had a budget on this one!

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