This site is just awesome, I can’t believe I just stumbled on it whilst searching for a tv show on ABC iView; which by the way is absolutely awesome.

Figaro Pho is about a little creepy looking character that is afflicted by all sorts of phobias. There are more phobias than I even knew existed.

Ophthalmophobia; the fear of being stared at has poor little figaro running for his life as he gets chased by a giant eyeball. The site features a game in which you have to search for all the phobia cards. If you flip the cards over you can view the so good!



This year we decided to create an animated Christmas card for our clients. The concept is based on the 12 days of Christmas but translates them into the 12 projects throughout the year with an overall Thank you message for keeping us ‘ful’ and busy throughout the year.

The imagery within the sequences uses simple typography and our logo to communicate the concept. The sound was created specially for the card by our talented music extraordinary Sebastian who composed a Christmassy kind of tune without the tackiness that can sometimes filter through into Christmas related tunes!


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