Over the last two years I’ve been learning a wide range of printing techniques; Etching, Lino, Collographs, Drypoint, Wood block printing and Solar plates. This exploration of techniques through the printmaking world, has allowed me to convert my drawings and sketches into works of art. I’ve gathered quite a collection over the last 24 months and I’m exhibiting a few at an upcoming exhibition at The Hazelhurst Gallery in Gymea.

21 printmaking artists will be showing a small selection of works. The exhibition will also include some of the plates that we use so that viewers can understand how the prints are made.

Here is a link to the catalog that one of the artists has put together.


The exhibition runs from the the 5th – 18th of February. Opening is at 2pm on the 7th of February 2015.

More info can be found here- http://southernprintmakersassociation.com/whats-on/exhibitions/



Just finished watching an Artscape episode on the ABC about an artist named Joshua Yeldham. His most recent work features paintings that are a combination of musical instrumental pieces, in which he carves into, rubs sand into and also adds sculptural bits and pieces. The result is really beautiful. The style has a slight aboriginal art quality about it, or perhaps its just the Australian bush feel that he captures within the squiggly lines that remind me of the scribbles that you see on the eucalyptus trees.



Shaun Tan is another illustrator who I deeply admire. Inframe features Shaun in this short interview in which he talks about his art as well as the exciting new animation of one of his books ‘The lost thing’. I can’t wait to see it!!

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