Books are my weakness, I find it unbearably difficult to walk out of a bookstore without taking one home with me. I have a waiting list of books pilled up on my bedside table and another list that I carry around with me in my wallet of books that I would like to one day read.
The fact that I have very little time to read is irrelevant, I try to fit it in when ever and where ever I can. I’m the one that stands in a crowded train or waiting for a train, lost in in the pages of the book, or waits on a queue nose in book.
It’s not just the words in them that attract me, its also the covers. The saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, was obviously invented by an hypocrite, because it is humanly impossible not to. As Jose would say its in our nature. Whether it be a book or something else. But anyway getting back to book covers, for those who love them as much as me you might want to feast your eyes on these two websites. Book cover Archive and Covers. If you know of any more please share.