I have a deep fascination and admiration for graffiti art. Partly because of the un-presciousness nature of the art itself that is left orphaned to the elements of nature and urbanism, as well as the process itself; that is filled with risk and no doubt a fair amount of adrenalin.

Recently the ABC screened a doco called guerilla art that featured some awesome artists including a couple of Brazilian twins Os Gemeos who work together to create some of the best and most interesting graffiti that I have ever seen. I’ve just spent the last half hour visually devouring their work on their website.


Blek le Rat is also worth mentioning; apparently he is known as the pioneer of stencil art, who started out as a traditional graffiti artist. One of the things I really like about stencil art is the way in which the same piece of art can take on new meanings when its set in different locations



Artscape featured a very inspiring documentary about two Melbourne artists; Miso and GhostPatrol. Their work crosses from stencil art, soft scultures, painting and drawing.

Many of their beautiful artworks are sprinkled or rather pasted through the streets of Melbourne. After watching the doco on the ABC I was hungry for more, so a quick goggle search later I came across their site which to my disappointment is not really working, luckily Flickr saved the day.

I wish Sydney was more lenient of street art, just think how wonderful it would be to stumble across artworks like these on your way to work!

Here is a short video featuring GhostPatrol…


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