I’m so excited! Studio AKA and Phillip Hunt have created a short film, based on one of Oliver Jeffers’ books. Oliver is one of my all time favourite children’s book illustrators, and ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ is in my personal top 10 absolutely favourite books, sitting alongside Hermann Hesse and Margaret Atwood.

And yes I realise that it’s a children’s book and some people might be horrified by putting it on such a high pedestal however it’s wonderfully written, highly creative and beautifully illustrated.

I once heard an award winning children’s author say that her credibility declined when ever she said that she was a ‘childrens’ author. It’s a real shame that we don’t value them as much as a Pulitzer winning novelist simply because they are catering to a less experienced audience. Children are the most difficult to please and have an attention span that seems to decrease with every new generation. It is after all within a child that you begin to instill the love of books and reading.

Getting back to the animation..whilst the original book features a translucent watercolour and tactile quality about it, I think the 3D style that the film utilizes works really well. Here is the trailler…