After months of development and intense sessions of logo creation, Pukka has hatched into the pixel filled world of the web!

Over the years I’ve come across many, many people starting up businesses who want a great logo but just can’t afford to pay the design fees that most agencies charge during the early stages of starting a new business.

Also during that time I’ve created many, many logos for clients. On average I’d present about 8 logos to each client to choose from, and since the client only ever needs one, the unselected logos have been piling up in hibernation in my laptop.

So earlier this year I decided to dust of the pixels and clean them up and after many hours of development we have managed to create an online store using the open source, ecommerce and CMS called Magento.

The site currently features 200 logos, we are continuing to add to the store because I still have heaps of logos that I still have not prepared. We are also inviting designers to submit their unused logos, so that they can also make some money on the side.

With the proceeds from the site I hope to be able to fund the next project that we’re working on, as well as pay off my accumulated debt to the ATO!

Here is taste of the hatchlings….