Just finished watching an Artscape episode on the ABC about an artist named Joshua Yeldham. His most recent work features paintings that are a combination of musical instrumental pieces, in which he carves into, rubs sand into and also adds sculptural bits and pieces. The result is really beautiful. The style has a slight aboriginal art quality about it, or perhaps its just the Australian bush feel that he captures within the squiggly lines that remind me of the scribbles that you see on the eucalyptus trees.



When I was seven years old my parents asked me what I wanted as a holy communion present, I asked for a set of oil paints. We were living in Spain at the time and I still remember the window of the art shop that I use to longingly linger at when ever we walked past that part of the city. No one in my family painted or even drew but there was something about those little wooden cases full of colourful tubes of paint that drew me in like a magnet to a fridge.

I got my set of oil paints and I guess that’s were it all started.

Over the weekend I decided to start collating all the paintings that I have created during my life. There are quite a few missing which I’ve given away or which I choose not to include, but it’s a start.

Here is my latest painting …


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