One of the first assignments that we had to do in our photography class at uni was to photograph an alphabet out of found objects. We were not allowed to move or arrange the objects, we had to simply look carefully around us and discover the shapes. Whilst some of these alphabets dont follow the rules that we had to abide to, they still remind me of that memorable exercise. I really like this one featured below called ‘Buildings and sky’.



David LaChapelle is highly imaginative and controversial photographer, that draws inspiration from a historical artworks from Renaissance times to Pop. LaChapelle fashion shoots and celebrity portraits capture a special something that it all at once interesting, controversial, shocking and beautiful.



I keep forgetting to post a blog about the cool tilt shift effect that is becoming quite popular. Metal Heart by Keith Loutit takes it to the animated level.

Metal Heart from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Bruce has been playing around with some of the photos that we took on a helicopter ride that I got him for his birthday a few years back. It makes the world look like a playground…I wonder if that’s how the dude upstairs perceives us.


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