One of the first assignments that we had to do in our photography class at uni was to photograph an alphabet out of found objects. We were not allowed to move or arrange the objects, we had to simply look carefully around us and discover the shapes. Whilst some of these alphabets dont follow the rules that we had to abide to, they still remind me of that memorable exercise. I really like this one featured below called ‘Buildings and sky’.



Marian Bantjes is a Canadian graphic designer who has created some exceptionally creative work. Her work has an intricate hand-made-cyber quality that celebrates typography. Bantjes designs go beyond simply portraying written words and into elaborate graphical symbols and illustrations that are a visual feast.

I’ve included some of my favourites below and you can also see more on her website.

[flv: 400 400]


This year we decided to create an animated Christmas card for our clients. The concept is based on the 12 days of Christmas but translates them into the 12 projects throughout the year with an overall Thank you message for keeping us ‘ful’ and busy throughout the year.

The imagery within the sequences uses simple typography and our logo to communicate the concept. The sound was created specially for the card by our talented music extraordinary Sebastian who composed a Christmassy kind of tune without the tackiness that can sometimes filter through into Christmas related tunes!


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